Turmericle Golden Gel

Aloe vera and turmeric blend for horses and dogs

Mélange d'aloe vera et de curcuma pour chevaux et chiens


Why Turmericle® Golden Gel?
Turmericle Golden Gel combines turmeric, boswelia oil and aloe vera. Research has demonstrated the benefits of external topical turmeric use for animals. Turmeric may have positive results when used for sarcoids, Queensland itch, inflammation, skin complaints, cuts and abrasions. Turmericle Golden Gel may also be beneficial in deterring flies and other insects from open wounds and skin irritations. Turmericle Golden Gel may also assist with the treatment and prevention of Proud Flesh.

About the Ingredients
Aloe vera has been included for its potential binding and penetrating properties to assist in absorption of turmeric across the skin barrier, while soothing sensitive skin.

Boswelia oil has been added as it may be beneficial as an antiseptic and may help with the healing of cuts and wounds.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Topical application only. Apply liberal amount to the desired area daily. May be used with or without bandaging. For animal use only.

MODE D’EMPLOI: Pour usage topique seulement. Appliquer généreusement sur la surface ciblée tous les jours. Peut être employé avec ou sans pansement. Pour animaux seulement.

INGREDIENTS: Curcuma Xanthorrhiza, Curcuma Longa, Boswellia oil, Aloe Vera juice.

INGRÉDIENTS: Curcuma xanthorrihza, curcuma longa, huile Boswellia, jus d'aloe vera.

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