CoolStance is premium quality coconut (copra) meal, made from the white part of the coconut, which is dried, baked and ground. It is totally natural and is chemical and GMO free. It is assured quality and routinely tested for Aflatoxins.

The oil in CoolStance (coconut oil) is saturated and rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCT). This means it is highly stable (not prone to rancidity) and can provide your horse with ready, non glucose energy.
Most horses love the taste of CoolStance. It is rich in quality protein, and the oil assits with coat condition. CoolStance contains only 11% NSC (sugar and starch) and has a high content of digestible energy. CoolStance may support horses with metabolic disorders including tying up, laminitis or excitable behaviour.

Registration No:  NN.F3W1


Level of activity

CoolStance (kg/day)

CoolStance (lb/day)


Free choice in creep feeder


After 3 months of age

0.5 – 1.0

1.1 – 2.2


First 2 trimesters

1.0 – 3.0

2.2 – 6.6

Last trimester



Wet mares

Early lactation

3.0 – 4.0

6.6 – 8.8

Late lactation



Horses Spelling or in Recovery

Not in work

0.5 – 1.0

1.1 – 2.2

Performance horses








3.0 – 4.0

6.6 – 8.8

NB: Always measure CoolStance feeding rate as a DRY weight (kg/lb)

What is Placid Rein PLUS®?
Placid Rein PLUS is a unique powdered formula designed to support normal stress in horses and to help maintain a consistent attitude to work whether at home or away. Placid Rein PLUS includes resveratrol, an antioxidant that may help the body detoxify of free radicals, and withania, a herb known for it’s calming properties.
Placid Rein PLUS can be administered daily and long term for high strung or nervous horses. Alternatively, it may be used to help pre-event nerves.

Symptoms of nervous horses
• Excessive sweating, even in moderate climates
• Loss of condition (especially when traveling)
• Refusal to eat or drink in different environments
• Excitable and/or difficult to manage

100% pure coconut meal

How to Feed CoolStance

Will the high protein content of CoolStance harm my horse?

When looking at the protein content of a feed, you must consider it as part of a complete diet. Cool Stance is a high protein feed (21% crude protein), however it is designed to be fed in conjunction with lower protein feeds like grass hay. Therefore when considered as part of a complete diet, CoolStance makes a valuable contribution to satisfying a horse’s protein requirements in what may otherwise be a diet which is marginal or even deficient in protein. Read more 

Which horses can you feed CoolStance® to?

CoolStance® can be fed to most types of horses - working, spelling and breeding.  CoolStance® may also be fed successfully to horses developing or suffering from metabolic disorders. It can be fed to help maintain insulin sensitivity in all horses. Foals may be fed CoolStance® in a creep feed. It may also help keep condition on older horses. CoolStance® contains low levels of NSC (<12%) which may be suitable for horses at risk of insulin resistance, laminitis and tying up. It may be useful in the diet of horses affected by Cushing's disease to reduce the NSC intake.

Why does CoolStance appear brown?

CoolStance® is brown because the white meat of the coconut has been heated during processing to mechanically extract the coconut oil.

Does CoolStance® contain the husk or the shell?

CoolStance® does not contain any husk or shell. It is made from the white meat of the coconut. High fibre (20%) comes from the flesh of the coconut.

How does CoolStance® supply energy?

CoolStance® provides readily digestible sources of energy from:

  • Oil - CoolStance® contains 8-10 % oil; medium-chain-triglycerides
  • Digestible fibre; and
  • Protein - CoolStance® contains the gluconeogenic amino acids asparagine, glutamine, arginine, alanine, valine and serine, which can be used to produce glucose for energy.

How is CoolStance® different to other oilseed meals?

The oils in other meals such as soybean and canola contain mainly Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA), which are polyunsaturated. This means they are digested slowly, and are prone to rancidity during storage. Some commercialised oils are made using GMO seeds/grains.

The fatty acids in CoolStance® are mainly medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and are saturated.  This means they are readily digested, absorbed by the horse and are not prone to rancidity during storage. CoolStance is GMO and chemical free.

Is CoolStance® palatable?

CoolStance® has a unique aroma and taste, which most horses like. A small number of horses can find the product unusual and can be slow to take to it. Start with small amounts and build up slowly. Persist, as the results are worth the effort.

Do you feed CoolStance® wet or dry?

CoolStance can be fed dry or as a wet mash. Some horse may prefer the texture of CoolStance® when it is wet.

When CoolStance is soaked in water, it will swell to at least 3 times the volume.  If we feed it dry will CoolStance swell up and hurt my horse?

One of the major attributes of CoolStance is that it will swell in water, which helps to rehydrate horses. When CoolStance is fed dry, the horses eat the feed more slowly, and by having the water trough away from the feed trough, they have to walk away from the feeders to have a drink of water. This helps to regulate consumption. Wetting feeds can also prevent dust irritation.

How should I store CoolStance®?

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
CoolStance shelf life is 24 months from the date packed. 

Are there different types of copra meal?

Copra meal is the coproduct of coconut oil extraction either by mechanical extraction or solvent extraction (using hexane). Mechanically expelled copra meal contains approx 10-12% coconut oil, whereas solvent extracted contains only 2% coconut oil. Some copra is direct dried above a fire and has a burnt aroma. Some is indirect dried by the sun, or on a heating tray. CoolStance is produced only from indirect dried, mechanically expelled copra.

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